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Friday, September 15, 2006
OK -- It's been quite some time since my last update. I have nothing major to report. No big life-changing events, no minor drama, no nothing.

So, why am I posting now?

Nintendo finally released launch details for Wii, their next-gen console. It will launch November 19th, for $249.95. This is more than the $199 that I'd been hoping for. $199 is what all of their previous consoles (NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube) had launched at. But, we're living in a different world. Or something.

I am really excited about the launch of Wii. First of all, the functionality of the system -- News, Weather, and Games right out of the box; communications with the DS (which is a fantastic handheld console); optional web-browsing and IM functionality; and a completely motion-sensitive controller. Just watching the demo videos of the functionality brought a smile to my face. Nintendo knows what the fuck they're doing. GameSpot seems to have the best coverage on the web, so, if you're curious, check that out.

In other news, Busy the Cat is a fat-ass. I think that it's because Dad is a soft-touch. Rather than giving her 1/4 cup of food at mealtime, he fills up her bowl.

In other-other news, I'm working many, many hours at the restaurant. 10-hour days are short for me. So, I've not been giving rocknroll the proper attention. I hope it doesn't stray elsewhere looking for the love it sorely deserves.

And, in tertiary news, I think that the movie Strange Days is underrated as sci-fi. I was watching it just last night, and, looking at the cast (Ralph Finnes, Tom Sizemore, Angela Bassett and Juliet Lewis), it seemed worth my time. And, it was pretty good. "Hmm," thought I. "This movie got the feel of cyberpunk just right. A charasmatic main character... Charasmatic, but not a total rip-off of Han Solo... Flawed, but entertaining... I wonder who directed it. Kathryn Bigelow? Who the hell is that? She did a good job. Who wrote it? Oh, James Cameron. That explains it."

James Cameron, of course, directed Titanic , but he also did The Terminator, which, along with its first sequel is actually really decent cinematic sci-fi. Good story, few plot holes...

So, yeah. Watch some movies, listen to some rocknroll, and hang loose. That's my advice.

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