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Friday, February 03, 2006
I give up.

I am sure that I've flown the white flag of surrender before. I've folded, I've turned a blind eye, and ignored things.

This time, however, I am serious.

First of all, Palestine elects Hamas to run the show. Years ago, I washed my hands of Israel and Palestine. After the assassination of Rabin, no one invovled in the respective governments wanted peace. I will admit that Sharon surprised me by ordering all Jewish settlements out of Palestinian territory, but that's neither here nor there. Palestine elected Hamas. Many, many nations are prohibited by law from providing aid to "terrorist" organizations. Do I think that Israel has a right to exist? Yeah. It has as much right to exist as any post-WWII nation. Do I believe that the nation is mandated by God? Fuck no. As far as I know, YHWH did not sit down, survey the land, and have the borders approved by a notary public. Ergo, the Israelites have no "legal" claim to the land apart from the UN documents that defined what Israel is geographically.

Israel, of course, has a fucked up history. YHWH told the Hebrews to kill everyone in that area, because HE decided that that was the Promised Land. Now. YHWH created everything. Presumably, HE created everything in HIS own image. Why should he be picky about who has what land?

Regardless of that, until the end of WWII (as far as I know, as a) I am not a mideast history major and b) I am drunk as shit), the area that Israel occupies belonged to Palestine.

Call me whatever the fuck you want -- if a nation is occupied by a foreign power and they fight back, the "insurgents" or what have you are the good guys. Until the PLO began the Infitada, they were fully in the right. If you are a terrorist/freedom fighter, valid targets include: police, military, government officials, presidents, governmental aides... pretty much anything except civilians, ambulances, hospitals and firefighters. Once you start attacking the Verboten, you suck.

Anyway, Israel has a right to exist, within the borders established by the UK and the UN post-WWII. But, Palestine has rights, too. So, Sharon, thank you for enforcing the pull-out.

Palestine -- WTF?

I've washed my hands of Israel.

And America.

Know what I'm thankful for this year? "Big Momma's House 2". And that's the end of the list.

That would be sarcasm.

The fact that it was the top grossing movie this weekend makes me want to puke. I already did earlier this week, but that's because my sinuses are draining into my stomach, and I can only handle so much mucus before vomiting. It almost makes me want to cry. I would suck Peter North's dick for Hollywood to come up with a decent movie idea. I don't know that I'd swallow his load, but he could shoot it on my face.


Every time I meet a girl who seems cool, who seems to have good taste in music, who seems to know what's what,
She's married, attached, or gay.

Mom, Dad, I'm sorry.

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