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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
So, Busy the Cat has had her girl bits removed.

Is it still schadenfreude if you feel bad about lauging at a doped-up cat who is so sedated after surgery that she walks like a drunken Shriner?

Image hosted by

Man, my camera sucks.

The red bits on her claws are SoftPaws nail caps. Declawing is evil, but, so is the damage done to my hands by her. So, I took advantage of Busy like the freshman who drank too much at a frat party. She got nail caps, and wasn't able to struggle against it. And I don't feel bad about it. Much. Until she tried to jump into my lap, and instead of digging her claws into my thighs and hoisting herself up, she just slid down and landed on her ass. I did feel bad about that, since she is doped up. And since her ass is near where her girl bits once were.

In other news, there is gonna be a kick-ass show at Knickerbocker's tomorrow night. Sad Old Lady, The Bad Sects and Awesome Dirtbike. SOL is a fantastic band that I can't describe. The Bad Sects are right there on the edge of New-Wave and Post-Punk. I have no idea what Awesome Dirtbike is, but that's the best band name I've heard since Oh My God.

Also, since I am 28, I am amused by the word "peener".

EDIT: Man, this is sad.

I don't know if you're familiar with Abbie te hCat or not, but, September 24th's entry is a real tear jerker.

Comments by: YACCS