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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Yup. I've not died. I've just been lazy, and haven't really had anything to write about. So, here's some stuff.


If you haven't discovered Wikipedia yet, you're missing out. Between it and Google, the Intarwebbe is starting to be about more than free porn.


Bakersfield, CA is an ugly, ugly town.


Five-year-olds try your patience. Don't get me wrong, I love my "nephew" Trent, but, holy crap can he be annoying. Put him with his brother, my Godson, Christian, and, man alive... Kids are great, but, I like them better when they're older.


Las Vegas is a pretty cool place, but the novelty wears off in a hurry.


Oh, yes, Precious. We wants it. And, we shall have it.

I like to think of myself as a gamer. I'm not hardcore by any stretch. My PC has always been behind the curve, I use cheats to finish games, and I'm not particularly good at video games. But I do like them. I like them a lot.

Video game technology is about to take another Great Leap Forward, but it's not all that impressive.

From 8-bit (NES) to 16-bit (SNES) was a HUGE leap. Games could be bigger, longer, and have better graphics.

From 16-bit to 32-bit (PlayStation) and 64-bit (N64), the leap was even bigger. Mario was now played in 3D. Final Fantasy VII made everyone punch their mom in the face because it was so awesome. Metal Gear Solid was jaw-dropping. This was an absolutely tremendous jump forward.

From 32-bit (since the PlayStation became the biggest console) to 128-bit (PlayStation2, XBOX and GameCube), the leap wasn't that great. The graphics were better, and the dominance of the PC for certain genres was thrown into question for the first time. Halo for the XBOX brought PC-style First-Person Shooters to the console (even though it is so, so obvious that it would be WAY better on a computer, or, for those of you who know about Bungie's history, a Mac (I'd like to give a shout-out to Preacherman)). Knights of the Old Republic (XBOX) did the same thing with RPGs. The Metal Gear series and Grand Theft Auto series made the PS2 a HUGE platform. Nintendo, however, took the back seat. Their first-party franchises (Mario, Zelda and Metroid) were all top-notch, but they were left in the dust for reasons I don't understand.

Now, we come to the 256-bit era (I think). It looks like the only improvements here are graphic. Storylines won't really get deeper, gameplay won't become better, things will just get more expensive. So, thank you Nintendo for trying something different (and affordable, hopefully).

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