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Friday, April 29, 2005
Duffy's was odd tonight. Strange mix of people. And three motherfuckers dressed up like guys from Maroon 5. Fuckers.

Apparently, I rocked. Did "Fortunate Son" by Creedence, and was going to do "Creep" by Radiohead, but the crowd demanded "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns 'n' Roses. Gotta keep the crowd happy. I fucked it up horribly, but the crowd was drunk, so it was all good.

Saw Henry Rollins tonight. Great performance. I love his spoken word stuff, almost more than Rollins Band. Well, to be honest, I think Rollins Band peaked with "The End of Silence", but, where do you go from "Low Self Opinion"? "Weight" was alright, and had "Liar", which is fucking brilliant. "Come In And Burn" was OK, but you could tell that Henry was getting tired of the gig. So, after that 'un, he broke up the band. He thought he was done with music, until a band called Mother Superior asked him to produce their album. He liked their stuff, and they jammed together, and, lo and behold, you have Rollins Band mk. 2. He sounds way more energized on their albums. And the band is great -- check out "Rise Above" -- a benefit album for the West Memphis Three. Read about that shit. Nothing like being convicted of a crime based on how you dress and the music you listen to.

Hank said tonight that we all need to find our rage. We need to find what the fuck pisses us off the most and do something about it. Find a way to protest. You can do it by donating money to causes you believe in. You can do it by confronting people who hate America (like the "Moral Majority") and calling them on their bullshit. Whatever it is, do SOMETHING. Vote. Write letters. Get involved. Take America back.

Rollins is fairly leftist, but he volunteers for the USO. When he was asked to do so, he warned the rep about his views. But, he was requested by many, many servicepeople. He has no beef with the military -- just the Commander-In-Chief. So, he's done shows in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany -- wherever the troops wanted to see him. He's visited troops at Walter Reed and Bethesda.

I knew there was a reason he was one of my heroes. Rollins is great. You can check his link to the left -- 2.13.61

Peace out.

Comments by: YACCS