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Thursday, January 06, 2005
So, since I've not updated in a few weeks or so, Ima do that right now. With another gawdawful Top Whatever List. Cuz I am out of ideas.

Best Movie of 2004: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Pretty much hands down. Charlie Kaufman + Spike Jonze is good, but Charlie Kaufman + Michel Gondry is flat-out amazing. Fantastic film from every possible viewpoint -- technical achievement, writing, acting, cinematography, comedy, drama. It's either the best date movie ever made, or the worst. Depending on your viewpoint.

Funniest Movie I Saw in 2004: You Got Served. Who knew that Steve Harvey was raised by a father well-versed in German philosophy? Who knew that one could deliver the line "It's on," with a straight face? Who knew it was possible to make a film which features a young boy named Li'l Saint being killed in the crossfire of a gang war without someone uttering the line "I'm sorry, but, Li'l Saint got served. You have my condolences." I hope with all my soul that someone (an even WORSE team, hopefully) is working on "You Got Served Again!"

Biggest Politico-Economic Statement I Made in 2004: Purchasing Blackspot Sneakers.

Best Album of 2004: The Streets A Grand Don't Come for Free. I've talked enough about this in the past that I don't need to elaborate further.

Best Love Song I Heard in 2004: A hidden track on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell. I call it "Baby I'm Afraid".

baby im afraid of a lot of things
but i aint scared of loving you
baby i know your afraid of a lot of things
but don't be scared of love
cause people will say all kinds of things
that don't mean a dam to me
cause all i see is what's in front of me
and thats you

well, ive been dragged all over the place
ive taken hits time just don't erase
and baby i can see you've been fucked with too
but that don't mean your loving days are through
cause people will say all kinds of things
that don't mean a damn to me
cause all i see is what's in front of me
and thats you

well i may be just a fool
but i know were just as cool
and cool kids they belong together

Biggest Music Surprise I Had in 2004: Riot on an Empty Street by Kings of Convenience. My mom happened to hear about it on NPR, and thought I might dig it. She was right. It's like Belle & Sebastian got together with Simon and Garfunkel. Great music for curling up on the couch with a big blanket wrapped around you and some hot tea in front of you. Of course, this would be even better with a girl on said couch, too. Also good come-down music.

Best Show I Saw in 2004: It's a tie between The Pixies at Pershing and They Might Be Giants at SoKol Auditorium. I shouldn't have to explain either. But, Prince, you and your tiny heels are right up there, too.

Best Thing I Did in 2004: Got on drugs.

Yeah. Not much actual content in this'un. Meh. Happy new year.

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