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Monday, January 10, 2005
FWIW: This is my 300th post on my blog. Feel free to raise yer wrist, or throw a party in my honor, or log off the damn intrawebbenet in its (or my) honor. I know I've not been posting as regularly as I have been in the past, but, I'm still here, still talking about random shit that pops into my head, still giving half-assed movie reviews (The Life Aquatic is great. Not as good as The Royal Tennenbaums, but still worth the time. P'raps Owen Wilson writing with Wes Anderson was the key?), still commenting on pop culture (I consider myself the fight winner, Three Days Grace, ya friggin' pansies.), still putting my drunken ramblings on the web for any and all to see.

So, what am I going to do to mark such an important occasion?

Ima goan post the same random shit that I always do.

Ima goan make bank when I write my first novel. It's going to be about a little crippled boy with progeria and his little sister with Down's Syndrome. They will teach a town to love again.

Ima goan thank Stephen King for teaching me the alternate spelling of "going."

Ima goan give mad props to everyone who reads my blog.

Ima goan write a shitty one-act play.

Chad: Don't you want somebody to love?
Johnny; Yeah.
C: Don't you need somebody to love?
J: Yeah.
C: Wouldn't you love somebody to love?
J: Duh.
C: You better find somebody to love.
J: Shut up.


I've not updated my blog's template since I started it o so long ago, and I won't. I like it. Nice color scheme, blah blah blah. It's old timey. Rest assured, humble reader, that if I add a new link (such as the one that you can't miss regarding tsunami relief), I will let you know.

So, yeah. A pretty low key celebration of post number three hundred. Sort of like how I'm the only person in America that still celebrates November 11th the way it should be: with a minute of silence at 11:00. Because I think that hoping for the end of war is more important than honoring those who died in wars.

Celebrate or don't as you will.

Comments by: YACCS