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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
We all know that I listen to some really sissified music. The Carpenters, Belle and Sebastian, Nick Drake, Brian Wilson -- these things are not barfightin' music. But, sweet zombie jebus, I heard the flat-out wussiest song EVER recorded the other day. It's called "Home" by Three Days Grace. To quote said piece of crap: "This house is not a home! I'm better off alone!"

Oh, boo hoo hoo.

This song is played on the local "rock" station, The Blaze. What happened to rock? Seriously -- I don't want to hear about how your daddy didn't love you, or how girls don't like you, or any sort of real emotion in your songs if you claim to be a "rock" band. I want to hear about sex, drugs, rocking, partying, Satan, girls wanting to have sex and drugs with you, more partying, more girls, the toils of the road (ballads only, plz), more Satan, how much you rock, how hard you rock, and how hard your band is going to rock me. "Rock" should be completely self-centered and self-serving, not theraputic. There is a place for emotional stuff, but it's not on a radio station that also plays Sabbath, Zeppelin and GnFnR. Rollins Band gets into emotion. That's fine. Jane's Addiction doesn't shy away from love songs. And there's nothing wrong with that. But, if you're a band on a rock station, louder guitars, more distortion and yelling don't hide the fact that you actually wrote the words "This house is not a home! I'm better off alone!"

You friggin' pansies.

That's right -- a guy listening to the new Rufus Wainwright CD just called you pansies. C'mon, Three Days Grace -- you and me. The park. Afterschool. We're gonna fight. You best be there. Cuz if you're not, you're pansies. Of course, you'll probably be too busy crying into your pillows to even bother showing.

Comments by: YACCS