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Sunday, October 24, 2004
If these dreams keep coming like they have been, I might have to start another blog.

One very vivid dream involved me learning how to fly (and, for DNA fans and -m, it had nothing to do with falling down and getting distracted. It involved willpower) and a cult. Pretty damned cool.

Another one involved The Dark Tower. If you are up to book 7, keep reading. If you're not, you need to catch up. And, stop reading this entry.

So, in the books (beginning in book 3: The Waste Lands), Susannah becomes pregnant. With a demon baby. Things get complicated, and I won't go into detail here, but, she delivers a were-spider. Sometimes, it's human, sometimes it's a spider. The chap's name is Mordred.

In my dream, at some point, I am introduced to Mordred. I know that Mordred is evil and must be killed. Sadly, he is only mortal when he is a human. Sadly, he is only human when he is around groups of people. So, I am unable to kill him at the shopping mall, or at a party, or anything like that. Dammit.

Back at Doane, the campus has been invaded by giant spiders. Tree-branch size. They're not vicious, but they're distracting, huge, and scary. And, the only thing that scares them is cannibalism.

"Hmmm...," thinks everyone. "Let's pretend that we're going to cook and eat children!"


Except for me. I plan on actually eating Mordred.

That's right. I had a dream about eating a baby.

And the list of reasons why I should NEVER go to therapy gets longer.

Comments by: YACCS