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Monday, October 04, 2004
Holy crap.

The Pixies were AMAZING. Yeah, Black Francis put on some pounds. Yeah, Kim Deal was on the other side of the stage from me, so I couldn't fully bask in her glory. But, holy crap. Joey Santiago is so damned cool that he doesn't even have to hold his guitar to play a solo! But, these damned kids today -- they don't know how to pogo to save their lives. Seriously -- when you hear "U-Mass", it's only reflex to jump up and down while screaming "It's educational!" You hear me, you whippersnappers? Move when you are being rawked! Cut up that rug, dammit! It's the freaking Pixies, for the love of Pete! Pogo, thrash about wildly, just do SOMETHING!


Know how to make friends? Tell a gal at a party that a band sucks. Then, find out that her husband is in that band. Then find out that she thinks the same thing. That's how you do it.


I've been doing a lot of networking lately. By networking, I mean hanging out in bars. And, it's been quite successful. I'm meeting all sorts of people in bands, all sorts of people who know people who could potentially help me become a recording engineer. I'll need a bigger beer budget, however.

I've also been getting "fans". I often sing Shithook karaoke on Thursdays. Many people have told me that I was great the previous week. One guy, swear to God, said I was his new rock hero. Going out and doing stuff is fun as hell. Still no girly action, however. This will come eventually. I hope.

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