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Saturday, September 04, 2004
I guess that we're putting grandpa and gradma in the home. Now, not only will visiting them be boring, it will be depressing, too!


Dad's family self-medicates. Mom's family doesn't talk. I've got a fine future ahead of me as an emotionally crippled functional alcoholic.


Went to Duffy's last night for Shithook Karaoke. Went with my friends Geoff and Liz. A good time was had by all. And, holy lord did we get drunk.

Anyway, while at Duffy's, someone was singing, and there was dancing and whatnot going on. Really tremendously cool crowd. There was a cute chick there. Eye contact was made, smiles were exchanged, etc. She comes over to me, takes the beer from my hand, and we begin dancing together. Really fun. I ask her what she's doing afterwards, as I know of a party.

"I'm going home with my husband."

She didn't say it in a kinky, why-don't-you-come-along way.

"My husband doesn't like to dance, but it looked like you did. So, I asked you. I'm gonna dance with you next time I see you, too."

At least I wasn't throwing off gay waves.

Married women are the bane of my existance.

Nearly every crush I have had has been on a girl that was either in a relationship or not interested in me. That, or I was too much of a pussy to express myself.

So it goes.

Comments by: YACCS