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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Posting via the Blogger dashboard again. Hopefully, it should be all right now. Hopefully, I've learned my lesson well. I know that I can't please everyone, so I'll try to please myself.

I wish that Bill Cosby had made more concert films than "Himself". I mean, it has "Chocolate Cake", "The Same Thing Happens Every Night", "Jesus Christ and Dammit", and "The Dentist", but it doesn't have "God Talking To Noah". Otherwise, it's a classic.


Factoids about Grant Bennett:
-- No one has ever tried to start shit with me in a bar.
-- I can't wash my face. It will break out terribly if I do.
-- I can only shave every other day.
-- I can't run for shit, but I can hike like nobody's bidness.
-- I taught myself how to read.
-- I prefer to code webpages with Notepad.
-- I taught myself HTML, but I have never used PowerPoint or Flash.
-- I have never used Microsoft Excel.
-- I wouldn't know a good Scotch if it bit me in the ass.
-- I can't drink red wine because the hangovers are brutal.
-- I really don't care about wine in the first place.
-- I make a wicked chili.
-- Until this year, I thought that "Smooth move, ExLax" was just something people said, rather than a double entendre.


I was going to put this above, but it didn't fit with the format. It seems like I should understand German. I've been to Germany and Austria at least twice (high-school is a bit fuzzy), and, while there, taught myself to count from zero to ten (null, ein, zwei, drei, fuehr, funf, sex, seben, ocht, neun, tzen, provided my spelling is correct) and to translate simple phrases (kaltgetranken=cold things to drink). But, whenever I hear it spoken, it seems like there's bits missing. It's like Bizzarro English or something.

If you were expecting something deep in this update, let me be the first to tell you that YOU GOT SERVED!

BTW: I own that movie. It is hilarious. Everyone should see it. The choreography is phenomenal, and the acting and dialogue are terrible. Comedy GOLD!

Comments by: YACCS