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Friday, August 06, 2004
Dad's back. Got home sometime today. So, now he's on a buncha meds (Lipitor for cholesterol, Plavix to keep platelets from sticking to the three stents in his right coronary artery, asprin for whatever reason you take asprin after a heart attack, an ACE inhibitor and Beta blockers to help the heart healing process).

Of course, he now has to learn that he has, in fact, had a heart attack. He went for a walk around the block, and was tired and winded when he came back. "It's because they had me on my ass for three days in the hospital." No, Dad, it's because you had a heart attack. They had you on your ass for the same reason. Just chill out.

Fortunately, my sister doesn't have a job yet, so she can a) keep him company, b) keep him entertained, and c) keep him on a leash.

So, now that he's back, I can get on with my usual self-centered whining, bitching about the world, talking about sissy bands, and writing dumb one-act plays. The kind you've grown to love over these past few years.


New link today -- one of my friends from college, Dav "The Pezman" Johnson has started a blog. D the PM J works in radio. He's posted in the comments several times, and finally decided to hop on the blog bandwagon. Even though personal blogs are a passing fad anymore. Or, so it would seem. Good to have you aboard.

Just to refresh all y'all's memory:

Preacherman is Pastor Jeff.
Johnny Payphone rides bikes.
Mr. Nosuch is on vacation or something.
Teresa Strickland is a friend, and the link is her online portfolio.
radiohodgepodge is Andy Sewell, another friend from college.
Just Cheap Dirt is one of Pastor Jeff's friends, and also digs TMBG.
xpurple is a handy guy to know.
Fairly Crass is my friend Mark. He does GIS.
Babble Book is a random person who hearted my blog.
Staircase Wit is another blog that I am involved in, however sporadically.

Cindy Lange-Kubick, for those of you who don't know, is a terrible, terrible columnist for the Lincoln Journal-Star. While I have developed my own writing style over the years, it is gramattically correct, for the most part. I'm less paranthetical than I was in the past, and I'm still averse to clauses, but I can write complete sentences when I need to. I may mix active and passive voice, I may wander between past and present tenses, but at least I'm writing sentences and paragraphs composed of sentences, rather than paragraphs composed of sentence fragments.

Any other questions that you didn't ask?

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