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Friday, May 14, 2004
I am pissed off. I have not been this angry in a very long time. I gots problems. I won't go into the deeper problems right now, but I will make a list of the people I am pissed off with.

1) My parents.
···Yes, we don't often see each other. But, I am not unreachable. Extended family is coming in this weekend, and I find out on Tuesday (from people who are not family) that there are plans that, perhaps, I might want to be involved in? Perhaps I should get a night off? I have a cell phone. I can read. I have three email addresses. And, yet, I don't find out about any big plans for this weekend until it is too late for me to be included? No notes? No email? No phone calls? What the fuck. Even if I do get off early on Saturday, it will be too late to do anything.

2) Scott Miller
··· I don't really care that you can't work for me on Saturday. You've got a life, and a wife, and that's fine. But, motherfucker, don't duck my phone calls.

3) Grant Bennett
···What the fuck is wrong with you, dipshit? You knew family was coming in, and didn't ask for time off? You are a fucking retard. You should get f'd in the a. You fucking cocklick. "I didn't think I could get the day off, anyway, cuz it's a Saturday," is not an excuse, asswipe. You are a world-class fuckup. I am flipping you off harder than I ever have before. I hope you can see it.

Comments by: YACCS