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Friday, May 14, 2004
Gah. I don't like anger. 'Specially my anger. Because when it comes, it's always over something that doesn't deserve that sort of reaction. I was seriously enraged yesterday, and knew full well that I was overreacting. So, sorry about that. Was I that angry about the State of Missouri deciding that I owed them nearly $300 in income taxes? Nope. Was I that angry when I was pulled over for a "random" vehicle search? Damn yeah. The only time I get angry like that is when it's a situation that I have no control over. Which is exactly when it does no good. Useless rage -- that's what it is. Useless, misdirected rage.

Another thing that I really don't like about my anger is that it seems to come back to me. Very little of my anger is directed outward. I was all pissed off at other people yesterday, and then, because I knew that it was an overreaction, I became even more pissed at myself for being that angry. Things get shitty for me, I assume that it's because of something I did. That's something I need to work on -- not blaming others, per se, but blaming myself less. I'd probably be a lot better off.

So, if I offended anyone, or worried anyone, or pissed anyone off, I am sorry.

Comments by: YACCS