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Saturday, April 17, 2004

A One-Act Play

The Thin Line Between Lame And Cool

By Grant Bennett

Dramatis Personae:
Grant Bennett: Some cat.
Indie-Rawk Steve: Some other cat.

Setting: Some crap bar

Indie-Rawk Steve: So, you had the night off?
Grant Bennett: Yup.
IRS: What'd you do?
GB: Sat on my ass and read shit on Pitchfork.
IRS: Awesome.



Actually, I did a little bit more than that. Not much, but I did leave the house. (I didn't buy milk or mustard like I had intended to. Sorry. About the milk, not the mustard. I'm the only one here who <3's mustard.) Went down to a local bar called Michael J's, as Geoff had his play open tonight. Thought I'd stop buy and offer congratulations. Ran into some friends I'd not seen in at least nine months. A good time was had by all, and phone numbers were exchanged. The friends I'm referring to are:

    Steve Kramer, aka Thteve (props to Multiplicity for that name)
    Angela Ideus (who is actually Angela Kramer now, but I can't adapt to that)
    Josh Novotny (he's fucking tall)
    Christy Zucker
    Some Chick I Should Know The Name Of

Thteve had an excellent idea. I went to Doane College, and while there, I was in the choir. One day, some cats had an idea -- why not make a doo-wop group? I was asked to join, and said "Hell, yeah!" I (that's right -- your humble narrator) named the group DoubleWide, fully stealing the name from a rockabilly band called Supersuckers. We had 8 dudes in the group -- a double quartet. The name fit.

We were outsiders. An unofficial group on campus. Members were picked by members. Things were great. We understood exactly what we were -- a bunch of guys that weren't tremendously attractive trying to woo the ladies with our vocal talents.

Times at Doane have changed. DoubleWide now has like 15 guys, and they're doing strictly Barbershop. There's a time and place for barbershop, and trying to impress chicks ain't it.

Thteve's idea is to get the orginal "band" back together for Larry Monson's last concert as director of the Doane Choir.

Sounds good to me.

I doubt it will get me any, however.

Comments by: YACCS