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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Ugh. I'm not a tremendous fan of this time of year.

I've got this fantastic ability to become depressed after things. Endings are always anti-climactic for me. Always a tremendous let-down. I'm fully aware that the funk is gonna get brought in, and I'm always surprised on how foul my mood gets. Perhaps if the funk were, say, a Bootsy Collins bass groove instead of a post-tequila bathroom miasma I'd be more down with it. As it is, it's the miasma, not the groove.

Every concert or production I've been in -- afterwards, I'm all meloncholy and withdrawn for a few days. After the majorly-hyped holidays (Xmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, Flag Day) -- again, the non-funky funk. Or funky funk. Whatever. After my birthday, same thing. Because, regardless of how well things went, or how good a time I had, or the phat lewt I got, nothing has changed. Time has passed, I've grown older, people were entertained for an hour or so, but there's nothing permanent about the event. Nothing concrete remains. Sets are torn down, robes are hung on racks, booze is consumed, cake is eaten, and that's it. It's over. Just like that. The world was not made a better place, at least in any substantiave manner. Everything is the same as it ever was. All the time and effort was converted into heat, adding to the entropy of the universe, which, I guess, makes a sort of permanent change, but, existing does that. Everything we've experienced happened to insignifigant specks on a pale blue dot.

While I am a RawkStah most of the time, I'm a drag at the afterparty.

Happy New Year, everyone. Seriously.

Comments by: YACCS