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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
I've come up with a short-term goal for myself: Putting all the songs about crippling heroin addictions that I can find on one CD.

The obvious one is "Heroin" by The Velvet Underground, but I heard a new one just the other day.

"Mutiny in Heaven" by The Birthday Party.

I'm gonna repost the lyrics, just in case someone decides to do a search for it.


well ah jumpt! and fled this fucken heap on doctored wings
mah flailin pinions, with splints and rags and crutches!
(damn things nearly hardly flap)
canker upon canker upon one million tiny punctures
that look like...
long thin red ribbons draped across the arms of a lil mortal girl
(like a ground -plan of Hell)
curse these smartin strings! these fucken ruptures!
enough! enough is enough!
(if this is Heaven ah'm bailin out)
if this is Heaven ah'm bailin out
ah caint tolerate this ol tin-tub
so fulla trash and rats! Felt one crawl across mah soul
for a seckon there , as thought as wassa back down in the ghetto!
(rats in Paradise! rats in Paradise!)
ah'm bailin out! there's a mutiny in Heaven!

ah wassa born...
and Lord shakin, even then was dumpt into some icy font,
like some great stinky unclean!
from slum-chuch to slum-church, ah spilt mah heart
to some fat cunt behind a screen...

evil poppin eye presst up to the opening
he'd slide shut the lil perforated night mah body
to the whistle of the birch
with a lil practice ah soon learnt to use in on mahself
punishment?! reward!! punishment?! reward!!
well, ah tied on...percht on mah bed ah was...
sticken a needle in mah arm...

ah tied off! fucken wings burst out mah back
(like ah was cuttin teeth!!)
ah took off!!!
(rats in Paradise! rats in Paradise!)
there's a mutiny in Heaven!

oh lord, ah git down on mah knees
(ah git down on mah knees and start to pray)

wrapped in mah mongrel wings, ah nearly freeze
in the howlin wind and drivin rain
(all the trash blowin round 'n' round)
from slum-heaven into town
ah take mah tiny pain and rollin back mah sleeve
(roll anna roll anna roll anna roll)
ah yank the drip outa mah vein! UTOPIATE! ah'm bailin out!
if this is Heaven ah'm bailin out!
mah threadbare soul teems with vermin and louse
thoughts come like a plague to the god's house!
mutiny in Heaven!
(ars infectio forco Dio)
to the plank!
(rats in Paradise! rats in Paradise!)
ah'm bailin out!
(hail Hypuss Dermio Vita Rex!)
hole inna ghetto! hole inna ghetto!
(Scabio Murem per Sanctum...Dio, Dio, Dio)

I wish I knew why I liked songs about heroin so much. Heroin is the coolest thing I'll never do. So, if anyone hepper than me knows some cool heroin songs (apart from "Heroin Girl" by Everclear), lemme know. Arrrr!)

Comments by: YACCS