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Saturday, November 01, 2003
Dad's Gaydar is Broken, Pt. II

So, last night, I had to get into costume, because of Downtown Beatrice or something like that. Obviously, I'm not going to unveil the Luther costume when it's not Hallowe'en, so I decided to be a last-minute punk. Home-made Anarchy t-shirt, attitude, "PUNK" "tattooed" across my knuckles, and spiked hair. Unfortunately, my hair is too long to spike. So, I decided for Plan B -- Mike Ness style slicked-back hair, with eyeliner. I thought it worked. It was last-minute, but, hey. Whatever.

Dad comes to the restaurant.

DAD: So, what are you? Some sort of slicked-back gay?
ME: WTF? No, I'm clearly a punk. Note the knuckles, and the t-shirt with the anarchy symbol on the front and the phrase "No Future" on the back, written in red Sharpie®.

I don't think that my dad is homophobic, but, there are places that he just should not go.

1) San Francisco
2) A gay bar
3) Des Moines, IA. (If you get the reference, you get 20 cool points, to be redeemed by giving me an oral sex donation)
4) Pretty much anywhere outside of Nebraska, really.


Picked up a new CD the other day. I'd been meaning to get it for awhile, and, while I was in Best Buy, I finally remembered what it was called. Rise Above is a benefit album for The West Memphis Three, three teens who are wrongfully convicted of triple homicide pretty much because they listened to heavy metal music and wore black clothing. Clearly, they are Satanists. Fuck that.

So, I helped their legal defense fund, and got a kick-ass CD in the process. Black Flag covers, done by such people as Ice-T("Police Story", which is fitting), Mike Patton ("Six Pack") , Lemmy ("Thirsty and Miserable"), Dean Ween ("Gimme Gimme Gimme"), Chuck D. ("Rise Above"), and many more. Rawk-ass CD. Plus, the song "Depression" is absolutely dead-on.

Right here, all by myself.
i ain't got no one else.
The situation is bleeding me.
There's no relief for a person like me.

Depression's got a hold of me.
Depression, i gotta break free.
Depression's got a hold on me.
Depression's gonna kill me!

I ain't got no friends to call my own.
I just sit here all alone.
There's no girls that want to touch me.
I don't need your goddamn sympathy.

Depression's got a hold of me.
Depression, i gotta break free.
Depression's got a hold on me.
Depression's gonna kill me!

Everybody just get away.
I'm gonna boil over inside today.
They say things are gonna get better.
All i know is they fuckin' better!

Depression's got a hold of me.
Depression, i gotta break free.
Depression's got a hold on me.
Depression's gonna kill me.


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