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Saturday, October 18, 2003
First off, welcome to Anna, of My Letter to The World for swinging by and commenting out of the blue.

Secondly -- well, this is work-related.

I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT KNOCKOUT KINGS OR THE GIRL YOU ARE SMITTEN WITH/STALKING/BEING USED BY/WHATEVER THE FUCK THAT RELATIONSHIP IS. Seriously. I don't ever want to hear about Lisa, or how your parents don't like Lisa, or what Lisa did, or what "joke" you played on Lisa, or Lisa's problems, or Lisa's lot in life, or Lisa's cancer, or Lisa's great attitude, or anything involving Lisa. At all. Ever again.

Nor do I want to hear about whatever the fuck videogame you're currently playing, or your current strategies, or your custom-character, or Larry Holmes, or anything else. I like video games. I really do. I've admitted that I have a crush on Morgan Webb . I own a GameCube and GameBoy Advance and PlayStation. My friends in Lincoln have 2 PS2s, one GameCube, one N64, one XBOX, and a PC in every bedroom connected to a wireless network. They all play EverQuest. Trust me -- I dig games. But, I don't want to hear about the games you're playing, dammit.

Of course, I'm not going to say this to your face, cuz a) I try to be tactful, and b) as established earlier, I am a pussy. So, if you, and you know who you are, read this, please take my requests under advisement.

k thx bye.


Finally saw The Matrix: Reloaded. I liked it, but, then again, I'm a geek. Stuff blew up and there was some wicked kung-fu. And, the plot didn't suffer, either. However, I do have a couple of problems with it.

1) White guys with dreadlocks. That's a crime against nature. Crackers don't need to wear dreds. Ever. I don't care how much bud you smoke, or how often 4:20 appears on your clock, or how many issues of High Times you have, or how much patchouli you wear, or how many jam bands you are down with, or how many Dead and/or Phish bootlegs you have -- you're a damned honky. You aren't down with Jah, you don't give a shit about Babylon, and, regardless of how much Dub and reggae you listen to -- you're still white. Don't be wearing dreds, dipshit.

2) Dance Party USA. Why the holy hell was a rave present in the first hour of the movie? The only time I want to see something like that in a sci-fi movie is a Dune movie, because of Spice, not because of anything else. Lousy ravers.

3) The special effects in the original were actually superior. During the Fight With 100 Smiths, it was painfully obvious that the actors were CGI. Painfully. Take a lesson from WETA Digital -- I mean, you're both Down Under...

Other than that, pretty damned kickass flick.


So, does anyone know where I can find a monk wig? You know -- with the shaved bald patch in the back? It's kind of critical to my Hallow E'en costume.

I'll put it on with the left hand, if that'll help.

See, my employers are Catholic/Conservative Apologists, so I'm dressing as Martin Luther. Just to get some shit going. I'm planning on carrying 95 Theses.

I'm not kidding. These people would have been SOOO on board with Manifest Destiny...

To quote Ray: Everyone needed the wheel.

Even when presented with evidence proving him wrong -- the landscape was not condusive to wheel usage, S. America had no truly robust pack animals with which to haul carts and wagons, etc. -- the Indians still should have invented the fucking wheel.

Don't even get me started on the dicking over of the Native Americans by crackers.

"Know where we got the term 'gauntlet'? The Indians. They weren't all in love with nature and that." -- Ray.

Don't even get me started on the Spanish Inquisition, or the actions of the Catholic Church during WWII, or Indulgences, or the blatant non-logic of The Immaculate Conception, or Intercession, or, hell, humanity in general. IMHO, most people are truly despicable. And not in a funny Daffy Duck sense -- I truly despise most of humanity. I like individuals just fine. But, most of humanity, like dolphins, can suck it. Long and hard.

Comments by: YACCS