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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
It's like, you look at Salma Hayek, and, you think, how much more hot can she get? And the answer is, none. None more hot.

This here is a brief review of Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the third movie in the El Mariachi series by Robert Rodriguez.

It's good.

Not quite as good as Desperado, but still good. Plenty of whiz-bang editing, but not a whole lot fo story. We are given impressions of characters, rather than full-fledged people. We are given hints of history, but not all-out backstory. We are given Salma Hayek in not a lot of clothing, but not full-on nudity. We are given motorcycles, but not ninjas.

Long story short -- if you're going to see it, go and see it. You won't be disappointed. It doesn't have full closure, but, then again, it didn't have a full opening.


Sarah Silverman is also hot. Very, very hot. OK, not in that particular picture, but, you should get the idea. Jimmy Kimmel is a lucky, lucky man. That bastard.


Also, Morgan Webb is hot. And, she has a degree in rhetoric. And, she plays video games. And, she has big thingies. And, she's hot. HOTTT, I tells you. It makes me sad when XPlay ends, because that means no more Morgan on my TV. :(

I'm a lousy fanboy.

Comments by: YACCS