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Saturday, August 09, 2003
OK, I'm updating today using a new program called w.bloggar. I'm gonna see how well it works. TechTV recommended it, so, well, it has that going for it. And, it's free. So, it also has that going for it.

As far as non-technical stuff goes, I've begun waiting tables at The Black Crow. It's going alright -- it's just a matter of waiting for certain things to become reflexes and whatnot. And for me to become less clumsy. Broke my first glass as a waiter tonight, and was able to spill coffee and water all over my damn self. I was proud. Or perhaps the opposite of that. Whatevah. Brought home around $80 in tips tonight, so that was cool.

Now, on to non-work, non-technical stuff. My friend Teresa is in town. You might remember Teresa from such links as the one to, and from such blog entries as: "So, I added a link to Teresa Strickland's website. She takes pictures, and lives in Chicago." Apparently she just got tired of not doing what she wants full-time, and decided to leave Chicago (Stinktown #2, in Teresa-ese) for the magical wonderland of wonder that is Beatrice (Stinktown #1). She's not been here a week, and is already terminally bored, depressed, and all the other fun things that happen when you a) quit your job, b) leave a major metro area (or any area in which you've lived for a number of years), and c) wind up living with your mom in Stinktown #1 (Beatrice). It's been a hoot having her around, however. The last two nights have played out thusly: Teresa shows up at The Crow just as I get off work. We get into the Bravada, drive around, wind up at the local truck stop, drink coffee and eat, and then drive around some more, trading gossip and gettin' nasty. Some of those items were made up. I challenge you to figure out which ones.

Of course, when an attractive female shows up looking for Grant Bennett, questions must be answered.

Two One-Act Plays

In Which Teresa Strickland Shows Up at The Black Crow Restaurant and Bar, Looking for Grant Bennett

By Grant Bennett


Setting: The Black Crow Restaurant and Bar, Beatrice, NE

Dramatis Personae:
Grant Bennett: The object du jour pour les femmes
Teresa Strickland: La Femme Fatale
Ray Arter: Head Chef of The Black Crow

Teresa: *opens the door to the restaurant and looks to her right, sees Grant*
Grant: Hey, Teresa. I just clocked out.
Ray: Dude, I gotta talk to you a minute.
Grant: OK *walks over to Ray*
Ray: *sotto voce* So, uh, who's the girl?
Grant: That's Teresa Strickland, my friend.
Ray: Define "friend".
Grant: You know -- friend. She has a boyfriend. She was living in Chicago, and now she's not. She's here for a few weeks.
Ray: Yeaaaah... *implied wink*
Grant: Right... OK, well, Teresa, this is Ray...
Teresa and Ray: *shake hands, token greetings are exchanged*
Grant: Anyway, I'm parked out back... *hurries Teresa out the back door, not for shame of being seen with her, but to keep her away from the kitchen staff, which is even more emotionally retarded than Grant*



Setting: The same
Dramatis Personae:
Grant Bennett: The Latest Slab on the Beatrice Meat Market
Teresa Strickland: Thin redhead with emo-girl-style glasses
Ryan: Theatre-trained waiter at The Crow
Scott Martin: Bartender and maitre'd
Teresa Martin: Head waitress
Dan Bennett: Grant's Dad
Virginia Bennett: Grant's Sister, age 21


*Teresa logs off of Grant's computer, upon which she cheked her email, gets up and is walked to the door by Grant*
Grant: So, yeah, I should be off work by like 10:30 or so, so if you wanna get together or whatever.
Teresa: Well, I might just walk down there again. Ha ha ha.
Grant: Cool. Later.


Grant: *inner monologue* Hmmm. I wonder if Teresa is going to show up tonight.
T. Martin: Grant -- reset that table and clock out.
Grant: OK. *resets table and clocks out* *inner monologue* Hmmm. It's 10:20. Well, perhaps Teresa won't show up tonight. *actual speaking* Scott -- I'm off.
Scott: OK.
Grant: *walking to the back of the restaurant* Perhaps on my drive home, I will be on the lookout for Teresa. *drives home* *walks into the house* Hi.
Dan: You're back.
Grant: Yup.
Dan: How was things?
Grant: Meh. I didn't do any waiting tonight.
Virginia: Doo dupid.
Grant: No, doo dupid.
*phone rings*
Dan: Maybe that's mom.
Grant: *answers phone* Hello?
Teresa: So, you're not at The Crow.
Grant: Nope. Are you?
Teresa: Nah. Walking down Court Street.
Grant: Did you just nearly get hit by a car just then?
Teresa: No, just being sexually harrassed. It's nearly the same thing.
Grant: Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other. So, want me to pick you up?
Teresa: Sure. Just drive down Court Street.
Teresa: Yeah, so, I'm sure that everyone at The Crow thinks I'm some sort of crazy stalker. I was just there reading the paper...
Grant: In The Crow?
Teresa: No, on the bench outside. So, this guy came out, and he was really cute, and asked if he could help me.
Grant: Was it Miller? He's good-looking. Dark hair?
Teresa: No, blond. Big nose.
Grant: That's Ryan. He's married
Teresa: Yeah, whatever. I ain't lookin'. So....


Ryan: Can I help you?
Teresa: Yeah, can you tell me if Grant Bennett is in there?
Ryan: No, he left like 10 minutes ago.


Teresa: So, yeah. I'm stalking you.

FIN! (or is it?)

Here's something you should know about my friendship with Teresa -- it all started when Teresa decided that we were going to be friends. The end. I like when things work like that.

Personal to Angie (Yes, your name did come up in the gossip trading, but only in good ways, and, besides -- who am I going to tell?) -- My butt is doing fine. My theory is that THE INCEDENT was caused by a pilonidal cyst. The hemmy's (your oh so delicate term) just add to the fun. Glad to know you're keen on my ass. *winks seductively*

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