All I know is that I don't know.
All I know is that I don't know nuthin'.

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Sunday, May 18, 2003
There's only two songs in me,
and I just wrote the third.
Don't know where I got the inspiration,
or how I wrote the words.
Spent my whole life just digging up
my music's shallow grave
for the two songs in me
and the third one I just made.

I think that the wellspring that is my creativity has run dry. I can no longer come up with good ideas for anything. ANYTHING. I've not written a #1 SUMMERTIME JAM in years. (I'm sure that those of you who are hepper than most have clicked on the Bongwater Taffy link to the left. However, it doesn't contain my best song EVER: "Johnny Has ADD". All of those songs were written my freshman year in college) I haven't written a decent poem since 1993. Yes, that's an exact date. Here's one of the poems (for the other, click on the Fairly Crass link)

"I Look to the Left"

I look to the left--
I look to the right
I look to the socket for light.

Mom's not looking.
Dad's away.
Now I'll take my chance and play.

I lick my finger--
Stick it in.
Now no one knows the mess I'm in.

I fly around!
Around the room!
Then all of a sudden I feel a boom.

I'm on the floor.
I see a chair.
The light socket is over there.

So, I tell my mom.
She don't say squat.
I wonder why my finger's hot?

10 years! Ten years since I wrote that! (And, it's all TRUE!) I've written ONE decent play in my life (email me if you're interested in reading it (especially if you're not Dad)). I can come up with no good ideas upon which to base stories. "Write what you know..." Well, duh! Read the title of the blog! I don't really know ANYTHING! I could write about my life and fictionalise it and all that, but a) it would come off all whiny and boo-hoo, the poor white boy is sad and pissed off that he doesn't have the anger of his younger days and b) well, it would be boring.

Good Lord, I hope I've not plateaued at age 26.

Of course, I just did get done directing a children's production, which is a creative process. (It's amazing how much things can progress in one week) I also might be directing "Nunsense" this summer. I'm not entirely sure if I am or not. Regardless, I'm not playing softball. I will certainly be involved in the production, but in what capacity, I don't know.

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