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Thursday, May 15, 2003
So, I installed a new counter on my website. One of the things it keeps track of is search engine referrals. Man, people are searching for some STRANGE THINGS. For example:

-- "nephew spanking"
-- "who will destroy damascus"
-- "free download strip girl but i don't want sex"

Apparently, I use odd keywords in this here 'blog.


So, Fairly Crass and I were talking. He mentioned a poem I'd written in high school in his blog. Said poem was about the subject of rat's asses, and whether one should give them or not. IIRC, in sophomore English, we were given the assignment of writing a poem that used a common phrase. "I don't give a rat's ass" was common enough, so I went with it. Yes, I was a young man who CHALLENGED AUTHORITY at EVERY TURN. Forget your conventions about what's appropriate, man. That's outdated. I listen to PUNK ROCK! I read BEAT LITERATURE! I like IRONY! I'm SARCASTIC! I'm PREDICTABLE! Wait... ummm... what?

Anyhoo, Mark asked for the poem. I said that I didn't have it, but suggested that he contact the teacher, Mark Metcalf, to see if he did. Well, he did. I'm curious as to what other witty diatribes of mine he still has. It seems like creativity was just easier back then. You know, back when I knew everything.

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