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Sunday, May 11, 2003
So, I came out of the closet to my friend Jason today. No, not THAT closet.

I admitted to him that I had not seen The White Stripes on Conan becuase I have a second job.

That's right. Your working boy now has two jobs. By day, I'm a DJ. By night... well, three nights a week, anyway... I flip burgers at McDonald's.

Jason's comment: "What, are you like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty?"

And, yeah, I guess that I sort of am. Only without the obsession with my teenage daughter's classmate/fellow cheerleader. Nor do I have a teenage neighbor from whom I buy pot. Nor do I know any teenage guys who have fathers who are a) incredibly repressive and b) deeply closeted homosexuals. Nor am I married to Annette Bening. Nor do I have a teenage daughter.* And, I still have a day job. But, apart from that, yeah, exactly like American Beauty.

It's like a little vacation. I don't have to think. I can shut my brain off and send up regs, macs, crispies, doubles, nuggets, all that good stuff. And, I have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day -- something that I don't get from sitting in a little room bringing the oldies to the masses.

As a bonus, I don't have to work with highschool kids all the time. Usually it's college kdis. Of course, I'm usually the oldest person on a shift, but that means INSTANT RESPECT! Well, age, plus the fact that I rizzy the hizzy in grill..

*One day at work, our traffic director had to bring her teenage daughter to a dermitologist, so, from like 2 until 4, said daughter hung out at the station. I caught some of the conversation, and just had to laugh at some of the things that the daughter said. Not because they were typical dumb teenage girl stuff, but because the stuff she was saying was incredibly blunt.

Julie (the traffic director): Don't you wish you had one of these (referring to her daughter after hearing me laugh) at home?
Me: I'd go to jail if I had one of those at home.
Julie: Yeah, I guess you would.

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