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Wednesday, March 19, 2003
I got an interesting spam today. From God. Apparently, God wants me to destroy Syria, like he said to do in Isaiah 17:1-3. He wants me to destroy Damascus with a weapons cache that is hidden in tunnels beneath Lebanon. Personally, I think God can smite his own enemies. He hardly needs me to do it for him. After all, He is God

He also needs to check his address book, as I am not, as far as I know, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. God also needs to LEARN TO TYPE WITHOUT USING ALL CAPS. Jeez, God. I thought you'd know better. Actually, I thought God would be above spamming people using email progs that randomly generate "from:" fields. I also thought that God would be able to have his own domain, and not just a Yahoo! group.

Oh, excuse me -- the spam wasn't from God at all. It was from his prophet, Elijah. Still, you'd think that a prophet would know better, given that he is giving us the Word. Especially since he also handles Moses' email accounts, too.

So, it is apparently on. I should have guessed the date. Actually, if I would have, the date for shit to hit fans would have been March 23 or 24. Why? My birthday is March 24. It is also very near the date that 1) the Rodney King tape became public, and 2) the Exxon Valdez done befouled Alaska. Lousy birthdate. Wait -- lousy Bush administration hawks. That's what I meant. If only the American public could be convinced to apply Godwin's Law in real life. (Godwin's Law states that the first person who, in a debate on the internet, mentions Nazis or Hitler, loses the debate.)

I never bought W's reasoning. Hussein didn't fly planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Saudi nationals did. bin Laden was the guy behind it, not Hussein. Why would bin Laden want anything to do with a secular government, which Iraq is?

"We're bringing freedom to the Iraqi people. Hussein kills his own opposition." Well, yes, that's bad. But, if we're against 'bad' governments, why did we wait until after September 11 to force a change in governments in Afghanistan? How many troops have we deployed into Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Cote d'Ivoire? Why have we not invaded Cuba? Are we going to force the Sauds to abdicate? Why do we think diplomacy will work in North Korea? We're being mighty, mighty inconsistent in our application of freedom-delivery.

Of course, if there's one thing I believe, it's that I can not trust the government. Not after Nixon. Not after Reagan.

Comments by: YACCS