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Thursday, January 16, 2003
Jebus Tap-Dancing Christmas.

Someone is using my email address to send out fucking spam. In the past day, I have recieved at least five 'message returned' messages. THAT I NEVER SENT. I am not a 22 year old girl named Karen, nor am I any mess of other things that I never claimed.

Now, I believe that I have made my views per spamming clear. If I haven't, let me reiterate: Brutal ass-rape by a black bear is not punishment enough. Flaying is not enough. Hell, 3/4 of the stuff done in the name of God during the Inquisition is not punishment enough for these subnormal retards. That's right -- not only are they retarded, they are subnormal retards. They give all the Corky Thatchers of the world a bad name, what with their compulsive masturbation, drooling, prying their fingers into their cranial fissures, misguided and awkward attempts to make sweet, sweet love in the back of the special ed classroom, moans, grunts, senseless screaming, pants-shitting, staring, crippled limbs and medals from the Special Olympics.

Spammers are complete, absolute, utter fucks. There is nothing redeemable about them. They are the absolute shit of the basest dregs of humanity. They are the grape-clusters of distended hemmorrhoids of the junkie dying in the gutter outside an Illinois flophouse. They are the jism slowly drying on the dot-matrix printout of kiddie-porn. They are the pus and blood that emerged from my buttcrack when the staph-infected carbuncle on my ass burst. They are the maggot-infested bedsores that have developed underneath the sagging man tits of a morbidly obese pedophile. They are the slowly rotting food that collects in the gut of someone with a ruptured esophagus, slowly killing that person. They are the blood-matted ass-hairs that are currently itching me like mad. They are the syphillis-contaminated blood of a middle-aged hooker with cervical cancer. They are the spurt from the penis of a babboon idlly masturbating in the monkeyhouse.

And now, at least ONE of these fuckers is using my email address to send spam.

Not my IP, mind you. Just my email address. Their IP address, as near as I can determine, is I can't do a trace on it. McAffee VisualTrace comes up with nothing. MS-DOS tracert can't reach it. If anyone feels like sending an email bomb or a virus or anything like that, you have my blessing.

Comments by: YACCS