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Thursday, January 09, 2003
For those of you who don't feel like reading about the problems that I'm having with my butt, here's something else to read. :)

I am a fan of They Might Be Giants. So much so, that I bought the Rhino Records TMBG collection "Dial-A-Song". I have all of the songs on the collection already. But, it had 2 essays! One by Sarah Vowell, and another by The Johns about the history of Dial-A-Song! Plus, some NEVER BEFORE RELEASED LIVE TRACKS! And a new version of "Robot Parade"!

Now, you can go on and on about how 'edgy' and 'true' and 'real' gangsta popstars like Eminem are, but, really. I could bust out some rhymes about hating faggots, and beating my wife, and how I hate my mom, and, hell, even make fun of people with Down's Syndrome and Lou Gherig's Disease and Alzheimer's.

Corky got slant-eye,
takes it in the poop shoot,
Reagan shits in his pants
in the fucking faggot Goof Troop.

Hawking can't move,
so he's an easy victim.
Gonna slap that bitch around
and then I'm gonna gut him

See? Now, you hook me up with Dr. Dre or The Neptunes, and that beat will win me a Grammy!

No, it takes bigger balls than that to do what They do. They wrote a song from the point of view of a nightlight that namechecked Jason and the Argonauts. They wrote a song that talks about the various classes of mammals (marsupial, placental, monotreme, allotheria). They perform a song that explains why the sun shines (it's a gigantic nuclear furnace where hydrogen is turned into helium at a temerature of millions of degrees, and is 93 million miles away). THAT, my friends, takes balls.

That's what it takes to be Dr. Spock's back-up band.

Comments by: YACCS