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Monday, November 11, 2002
So, I think I may have set up my Outlook Express message rules a bit too aggressively.

In my ongoing war against the unholy spawn of Capitalism and, according to SpamCop, China, I have set up at least 30 rules for filtering spam from my Inbox -- various blocked senders, numerous work-unfriendly words, various punctuation conventions, alternate folders -- and it seemed to be working. But, today, I lost an email from my dad. Apparently, my rule that said "Email from this address goes to this folder" was superceded by the rule that said "If the email contains the word(s) ..., send the email to Detroit," and so I lost the email. Perhaps there' s a rule hierarchy that I'm unaware of... I won't give up, however! I can't give up! I can't let the Home Mortgage/College Diploma/Enormous Cock/College Lesbian Camwhore United Front win in this war!

There are lives that need to be destroyed by my hand! There are ISPs that need to be bankrupted! There is a "" who needs to be eliminated from the Internet, and together we can do it!

It is a dark time for the rebels, I know, but, dammit! I don't even own a home in the first place. What the hell am I going to do with a 2nd Mortgage?

Comments by: YACCS