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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Mood is better, thanks for asking. :)

So, what am I gonna post tonight? Something about Iraq or North Korea? Nope. Something vaguely leftist? I don't think so... Something about how much fun depression is? Not intentionally.

"Well, for the love of Pete, what are you going to write about?" you're asking. Or not. I think that only 2 people read this thing anyway. "Sweet Jeebus, let the suspense END! What will you be gracing us with this time?"

Something new.

Something controversial.

Something that might just shake the foundations of all of your beliefs.


I don't think that Yoko Ono killed The Beatles.

"!!!!!" is what you're thinking right now.

But, that wasn't the controversial part.

This is:

Paul McCartney killed The Beatles


-- you again.

Now, personally I think The Beatles quit at the right time. Unlike some bands, like Pink Floyd, who kept on going after they sucked, The Beatles knew when to call it quits. But, I don't think that Yoko Ono had anything to do with it. I know, I know, the way this is going, you're gonna crucify me. But, hear me out, OK?

All you really need to do is listen to the later Beatles stuff, when Paul and John's competitive natures really started rearing their heads:

  • Dueling childhood songs: "Penny Lane" v. "Strawberry Fields Forever"

  • Dueling philosophical songs: "Let It Be" v. "Across The Universe"

There are others, but I can't think of them right now. It seems like Paul was concentrating on making Pop songs, while John was trying to expand the medium while keeping true to the roots of rocknroll. Look at "Starting Over" by Lennon. It starts off with a bell chiming 3 times, which signifies the end of a meditation, and then goes into a Roy Orbison-inspired piece of rock shuffle. Paul and Wings were making things like "Silly Love Songs".

Again, this post didn't quite turn out. Of course, I'm all distracted, since I feel like calling the parents.

Comments by: YACCS