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Monday, October 07, 2002
Jeez la-weez. Warcraft III is addictive as hell.

Some stuff:

1: Wanna get all pissed off? Visit The Ayn Rand Institute. Objectivism in a nutshell -- You can all suck it. Suck it long, and suck it hard. Stupid Ayn Rand. Lousy woman hating bitch. Oh, yes -- she hated women. She was just about as far from being a feminist as you can get without banning the double-X chromo pairing. But, instead of dressing it up in heels and makeup, she dressed it up in "philosophy". I'm glad she's dead. Now, if only the Randroids would become a death cult like Heaven's Gate...

2: For fuck's sake, why the hell am I still getting like 5 copies of the Klez virus every damned day? Shouldn't that thing be eradicated or something? Crimeny. Has the person who wrote it been drawn and quartered yet? Have they been set on fire like a monk? Have they been suspended by their upper jaw over a vat of acid? Has their skeleton been turned into scorpions? Because it really needs to happen. They need to suffer Sarlacc Pit-style punishment. They are that annoying. And, they are fuckers. Goat fuckers.

3: I am starting to get pissed off at my ISP. I don't think that they use any spam-filters. Which means that I can enlarge my cock 2 to 3 inches naturally, and watch tiny girls get fisted, and get free porn, and watch girls get fucked by horses, and get a new mortgage, and get out of debt, and refinance my current mortgage, and get a diploma, and download free porn videos, and get the latest porn site passwords, and play poker with 10 people for fun or for money, and save money on generic Viagra, and order drugs from Canadian pharmacies, and see pictures of my wife, and do it all like 50 times a fucking day! OK, now I support the First Amendment whole-heartedly. I believe that Americans have the right to say whatever the hell they want (except for the damn fire in a theatre thing), and advertize whatever the fuck they want, but, dammit, SPAM HAS GOT TO GO! It is no good for anyone. And fuckers send the shit out. Forget crack whores and dirty hippies -- spammers are the absolute lowest form of humanity that exists. Hands down. Worse than Hitler. Hitler may have sent 6 million people to their deaths, but he didn't want to make my cock bigger. More than 10 inches isn't any good to anyone, anyhow.

Comments by: YACCS