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Sunday, September 22, 2002
Jeez la-weez... been some time since my last update.

'Course, nothing has happened since my last update. I could have gone back to my alma mater, Doane College to talk at the Nebraska College Media Association's conference about my post-graduation job-related experiences in radio, but, I had to sign on Saturday morning. 6 AM to noon. Wouldn't have made the drive in time to make it to the 'important' part of the conference, and, even if I did, I would have been retarded.

My dad came down last weekend, which was nice. We hung out and watched movies, upgraded my system, and drank beer. Apart from my career as a missionary spreading the gospel of rawknroll, I also spread the gospel of Hong Kong cinema. I'm only a novice at this -- some of my friends are far better at it than I am. But, I do know what's good. So, we rented Desperado and Hard Boiled. Dad wanted to see Desperado, I wanted him to see Hard Boiled.

Now, for my money, The Killer is a better Woo film, but I figured that Dad could appreciate Hard Boiled. And, he would be able to see where Desperado got a lot of its ideas -- Desperado is a Western blood-opera (as opposed to a Hong Kong blood-opera). Plus it has a nekkid Salma Hayek. Never a bad thing.

I'm really looking forward to El Mariachi 3: Once Upon A Time in Mexico. Apparently, Rodriguez was told by Quentin Tarantino that he had to make it. "Look, man, you did El Mariachi, ok? That was your Fistfull of Dollars. You made Desperado -- it was a remake/sequel of El Mariachi, just like Leone did with For A Few Dollars More. So, you gotta complete the trilogy -- and it's gotta be Once Upon A Time in Mexico." Robert Rodriguez is in love with making movies. I'd put him in the "Raimi/Coen Bros/Jackson" school of film, with curricula written by Quentin Tarantino. He's just a dude with a camera, doing his indie stuff for a mainstream audience. His "Spy Kids" franchise is fun as hell, his segment in the un-appreciated Four Rooms was probably the best in the bunch. Now, if Tarantino can hurry up and finish Kill Bill, things will be a little bit better in the world.

So, looks like we're gonna get our war on with Iraq. Personally, I can't bring myself to care. Are people gonna die? Yup. Are American boys and girls gonna die? Yup. Are we going to spend billions and billions of dollars? Yup. Is it gonna help the economy? Economics isn't real. The only thing that matters to me is this: Can I launch pre-emptive strikes against people who might attack/annoy me? Is "He was threatening my freedom" an acceptable defense in court?

All I know is that I didn't vote for Herr Bush. Nor did I vote for Al Gore or Ralph Nader. I voted for Harry Browne.

I'm kinda scared of the way the Bush adminstration is going about things. Things just aren't... well, they aren't right. I can't shake the feeling that there are lots and lots of things that are going on. Bush's sealing of Reagan and Bush I's documents, things like that.

Things are gonna get real interesting.

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