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Sunday, September 08, 2002
I ate GOOD last night.

Went over to my boss Steve's house, as he was doing some grilling. Had the BIGGEST filets mignon ever. These things were easily twice the size of a normal filet -- at least 2 inches tall. Plus grilled veggies (yellow, orange and red bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, plum tomatoes and zuchinni) and smoked brisket. I was damn hell ass full. I also drank plenty of beers. We then played a few rounds of "Chase The Ace".

This is a superb game for the drunk and actually want to have friends in the morning, as opposed to wonderful games like "Categories" or "Presidents and Assholes". The rules are simple: each player gets 1 card. Ace is bad news. Two is very good. King is unstoppable. The person on the dealer's left starts. If they have a low card, they'll keep it. If it's something like a 6 or 7, they might trade to their left. If it's higher than 8, they will trade it for sure. Now, if the person to the left has a king, they can't trade. The game moves around the table, landing on the dealer. Now, if the dealer has a crap card, they draw from the deck. Whoever has the highest card (this can be more than one person) puts a dollar in the pot. Each player starts with 3. After you lose all your money, you can still stay in until you lose. Last person standing gets the money.

I didn't get any money. Damnit.

Comments by: YACCS