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Friday, July 19, 2002
The more I listen to the news, the more I am convinced that 'economics' doesn't exist in the real world. Economics would just be too hard to be accurate -- too many variables. What is the mood of the CEO of Company X? Is he happy? How are his kids? Has he been drinking more lately? These things, as far as I can see, aren't factored into any economic forecasts. And, they are important. They affect the company's performance.

There are a finite number of variables present in any system (on Earth, anyway). But, the problem with economics is that there are too many variables to deal with. How many times have economists predicted a rumor that would be started within the next week? How often do economists factor in 'bad' capitalists (like me), who don't buy things like houses or stocks?

I figure that the Federal Reserve looks something like the PreCog chamber in 'Minority Report'. There's no actual basis in fact -- it's all speculation.

I get a kick out of how the economists make it sound like America's current financial woes are the part of the people. "Well, if people would just start buying stuff, we'd have no problems." I like the fact that I am personally responsible for the recession being both over and not over at the same time. I'm not buying a house any time soon. I have the fate of millions of people in the palm of my hand, and I am drunk with POWER! And, I'm sort of buzzed from BEER!

Comments by: YACCS