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Saturday, June 22, 2002
Well, I won't be doing movie reviews anymore. That's probably a lie. I still want to review movies, so, I'll post my reviews here.

Why am I no longer doing the reviews for my job? To be honest, I'm not sure.

I thought that I was supposed to review movies, not write weekly on-line commercials for the movie theatre. I went to see Minority Report, which I thought was excellent. However, the 2nd to the last reel was loaded backwards. Gave away the ending. Had to wait for the reel to be re-threaded, all that good stuff. Took like half an hour. If it were a paying audience, money would have been demanded back, and given. However, since I didn't pay to see it, I just had to sit and wait. Now, apparently, since I didn't pay to see the movie, I had no right to complain about the movie experience being less than good. I have a feeling that my boss sees movies as 'a bigger TV screen', rather than an experience I love movies; that's why I review them, and watch them. When I am in a movie theatre, I am in another world. When I saw Pulp Fiction, the entire audience applauded at the end, even though we were in Lincoln, Nebraska and no one involved in the film was present. When I saw Natural Born Killers, the audience collectively decided that the movie was a comedy, and we were rolling in the aisles. I don't just 'rent' a movie when I get one from Netflix. I choose carefully. I rent things that other people say are really good. I rent classics. I rent foreign films. I am probably preaching to the choir here, but I actually regard cinema as an art form, not just entertainment. As such, anything that detracts or distracts from the art of the experience of the art is valid for criticism. Apparently, I was wrong, since the theatre is an advertiser and pays the station money, and, in the words of my boss, "They are letting you do this for free."

Now, I didn't think I had slammed on anyone in my review. Honestly, I was more concerned about the politics of my review, which are absolutely unavoidable, and are controversial given Camp X-Ray. Apparently, I am incompetent when it comes to reviewing movies.

I'm not going to fight him over this, I'm not going to try and explain my passion for movies, since he wouldn't understand. However, I was successful in not speaking to him the rest of the day. Rarely have I ever been so pissed off. I thought that I was good at movie reviews. They were the one thing I was proud of every week. I thought they were entertaining, educational, and accurate. And now, they are no more. Well, at least on the server that the website uses... I might post them just using a Blogger server...

If you want to read my review of Minority Report let me know. If you have read my reviews in the past, and enjoyed them, let me know. If you want to read my reviews on the radio station's website, well, you'll have to let my boss know. However, if you know me personally, you probably shouldn't mention that. Actually, you probably shouldn't tell my boss that you liked my reviews. That would probably just piss him off.

Having a girlfriend that I've never met in person is kind of odd. We've crossed the phone barrier. Right now, it's kinda like we're in the 'cute' stage of the relationship, which is all kinds of fun. If we were physically together, people would probably tell us to either a) "Knock it off!" or b) "Get a room!", due to the cuddling and whatnot. Right now we are retarded for each other. At least, I'm retarded for her. Anyone been in a relationship like this?

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