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Sunday, June 02, 2002
If anyone of you runs into Samuel French, Inc. on the street, would you kindly slap it in the nuts for me? Thanks.

Why does Samuel French, Inc. need to be slapped in the nuts? Simple -- They are the Microsoft of plays. They have the rights to all the big plays. Ergo, they can be completely inept shitheads when it comes to understanding concepts like 'musical score' and 'libretto' and 'overnight shipping'. So, that puts me in a bit of a bind. See, I'm in the process of casting for 'Nunsense', which can only be ordered through SMI. Know how many scripts have been recieved by us? Well, the right number, actually. Know how much music has been recieved by us? None. The scripts are not libretti -- they are just scripts. No music, just lyrics. Know what makes this extra fun? IT'S A DAMN MUSICAL! HARDLY ANY STRAIGHT DIALOGUE! Know who hasn't heard any of the songs from Nunsense? The director. Know what's fucking hard to cast for without music? A goddam musical, that's what.

So, like I said, if there's any nutslapping that anyone is looking to do, I'd suggest sending it towards Samuel French, Inc.

Oh, it's also hard to cast for a play when fewer actresses than roles showed up. I am under the impression that more are coming tomorrow.

Comments by: YACCS