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Thursday, May 30, 2002
New things in my life:

First up, thanks to the young lady who donated 25 acts of fellatio to me. It's nice to know I'm appreciated THAT much. :) Of course, collecting could be a problem, especially since she was dripping... with sarcasm.

Secondly, my sleep pattern is FUBAR. I was really, really tired yesterday. Went to bed at around 9:30 or so. Woke up at 1. Lousy body deciding to take a nap instead of sleep hardcore. Today, I was feeling really ill, so I laid down at, oh, I dunno, 7:30 -- 8:00. Slept about an hour. Wide awake now.

However, my 'nap' yesterday did involve a cool dream:

My friend Bret, who is currently teaching English in South Korea, was back in America. He got a job at Wal-Mart. I was sort of confused, but, hey, whatever works. Part of his Wal-Mart training involved homework. He was supposed to look at flash cards, and list what the picture was. He missed one question: the picture was of a car on an incline descending to the right. The term that Wal-Mart wanted was 'slope'. Hell, even I knew that.

Thirdly, auditions for 'Nunsense' are Sunday and Monday. I got the script yesterday. Lousy Samuel French, Inc. That's actually enough time for me to get some good ideas about staging and things like that. The nice thing is, the play is easily adaptable. The way it's written, the play takes place on a stage meant for 'Grease'. The nuns didn't want to inconvienence the 8th grade production, so just borrowed the stage. Is it crucial to the play? Hell, no. So, I'll read the play, get some ideas, figure out what sort of budget we have to work with, figure out what we can scam for free, and start to rawk.

It was pointed out to me that I'm officially a dork at work, since I'm directing a play called 'Nunsense'. That is, until I pointed out that, depending on who auditions, I could utilize the casting couch... mmm... 18 year old nun... ;)

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