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Friday, May 17, 2002
I was adding some links earlier, and thought, well, what the hell. I think I'll 'splain what those links are. Of course, what the links point to will be old hat to most of you hepcats, but, for the random surfer, hey, perhaps it will make the world a better place. If only for a little while. It will also get me writing, since I've been slacking the hell off lately.

First up, The Onion. If you don't know what this is already, you really need to click that mutha. I know that ain't much of an explanation, but, hell. CLICK THAT BAD BOY!

Next, we have Modern Humorist. Not a bunch of amateurs, goodness no! Some damn funny stuff to be found therein. Updated nearly every day. You're missing out if you don't check it out.

KNIM is the radio station that I work for. I'm the webmaster, afternoon DJ and do production and movie reviews. No, you can't listen online. Lousy ASCAP.

xpurple is a guy I know. He can get certain deeds done. Also, just a nice guy.

The Preacherman is Jeff Warner. He was the minister at my church several years ago. Whipsmart, witty, and digs The Ramones.

Johnny Phonebooth is this cat what lives in Chicago. Entertaing stuff. Also writes a comic strip.

Mr. Nosuch is kinky. Not just his hair, either. And you wouldn't know it by looking at him...

Teresa Strickland is a friend of mine from high school. Actually, she decided that I was going to be her friend. I didn't have much choice in the matter. That's the kind of person she is. Damn good photographer. The fact that she's an attractive redhead doesn't diminish her total score, either.

Plastic is a news digest that I read. Occasionally I'll comment there, too.

X-Entertainment is run by this guy named Matt. Reviews of horrible, horrible movies and kick-ass toys.

They Might Be Giants is one of the best bands in the world. Recently won a Grammy for the theme song of "Malcolm in the Middle".

Bongwater Taffy is my fake band.

Yeah. So, if anyone could clue me in on an inexpensive (meaning "free") commenting app, I'd be happy. All the other blogs I read have them, and I am sick of being an individual. Actually, I feel lonely, since no one ever uses my ICQ chat panel. Make me feel better by a) telling me about the comment systems you people use, or b) donating oral sex to me via the handy-dandy button on the left of the screen. :)

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