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Monday, March 18, 2002
Read that the US is gonna start researching mini-nukes. What a wonderful idea that is. Crimeny. Bunker-busters is what they'll be called.

What the hell is wrong with conventional explosives? Are nukes gonna kill anyone deader? Are nukes really a deterrent? I honestly don't know. Somewhere, in the deepest, most cynical parts of my brain, I actually want a nation or group to start bombing places, and saying they'll only stop if the US drops the bomb. And then, surprise! They had a doomsday device! "We'll meet again... don't know where... don't know when..."

That's one of the neat things about growing up post-everything -- a complete and utter lack of faith in the government. Hello, Mr. Ashcroft! "Oh, these nukes are just a deterrent." Like hell, they are. You're just looking for a reason. Just one reason to use them. Ladies and gentlemen -- welcome to Cold War II! It's the opening act for Gulf War -- Operation Finishing What We Started This Time Around Because We Have Found Enemies To Replace Hussein Which Is Why We Didn't Take Him Out Last Time That And The Fact That We Didn't Have A Puppet Government To Install Then But We're Pretty Sure We Can Do It Now.

I would have been SOOOO blacklisted during McHitler.

So, what's new with me? Apart from a fresh batch of bitterness, not much.

Got a new vehicle. An SUV. I'm still refusing to get a celphone, however. I will NOT be a part of that particular demographic, thanks very much. I'll keep on skewing surveys. Ha HA! Take THAT, Big Whitey!

And, my sister is joining a sorority. Dammit, I thought that Bennetts prided themselves on being outsiders. Or, perhaps I just misspent my youth in doing everything I could to not fit in. Regardless, the only lasting decision I ever made was to not join a frat. I'll debase myself on my own, not for the amusement of others, thanks very much. If I want to march and yell, I'll do that on my own time. If I want to put salsa in my boxers and get hotsauce in my peehole, I'll do so. Not when fucking ordered to. If I want to deprive myself of sleep, or recieve a paddling so severe that my asscheeks bleed, I can manage that on my own as well. I don't need to do it just to hang out with my friends and pay dues and wear a damn jacket. But, hey, if that's what she wants to do, more power to her. I just never felt the need to be a part of a group like that. I have friends who went that route. I didn't hold it against them. I'm just very defensive of me. Camus said that anything that compromises your individuality is suicide. Neither a follower nor a leader be.

I have no 'nesting' instinct. I'll be 25 on Sunday. My apartment is just where I keep my stuff. It's not representative of who I am. I have some posters on the walls. A big 'Clockwork Orange' one, and a big 'Reservoir Dogs' one. My bedroom has no decorations. It has my bed, my clocks, an unused desk, and stuff on the floor. My computer room has another bed, some posters, a dresser, CDs, clothes in the closet. My kitchen has kitchen stuff in it. I have no 'theme' to my apartment, unless that theme would be 'Lazy Bachelor Without Dates'. There's no 'flow' or whatever the hell they talk about on those decorating shows. I am not my apartment. I am not my car. I am fortified with vitamins and issues.

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