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Monday, February 04, 2002
So, know what an interesting combination is? Re-reading Fight Club while watching the Super Bowl. Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, kick-ass novellas about self-destruction and FOOBAW!!! don't mix. But, apart from it actually being a decent Super Bowl, the commercials were really lacking this year. So, I don't think I missed much.

Yeah, I'm a damn commie pinko. I don't like sports. Football would be interesting if the players played without pads. I want to see an actual risk of death out on the field, not just some bumps. I want to see a minimum of 2 concussions per game. I want broken bones and blood. If these people are getting paid millions of dollars, I want to see them earn it. Farmers (side note: FARM SUBSIDIES ARE WELFARE), cops, teachers, firefighters and EMTs don't make that much money, so I want to see FOOBAW!!! become a bloodsport. Facemasking should be encouraged. The Super Bowl should include career-ending injuries. They ain't my heroes. My heroes have seen shit, man. Lived thru it.

While I am glad that Lee Greenwood wasn't asked to perform at halftime, I did find it odd that Sir Paul McCartney and U2 were the headliners. I have nothing against either of them. U2 is one of the best rock bands ever. Joshua Tree is a classic. Hands down. Sir Paul was in The Beatles. End of story.

Ever start your car and, while it started, you knew something was, well, off? Like it wasn't running on all of its cylinders? That's how I've felt all day.

Woke up after a particularly intense dream involving superpowers, a Final Fantasy-style RPG, my xgirlfriend, my sister, a dog, Chicago and a bunch of other stuff, and was just not right all day. Numb and dizzy. Ate, no change. Got more than my RDA of caffiene, no change. Went to my Reader's Theatre meeting, no change. Watched TV, no change. Drank beer, no change.

Actually, the strangeness started yesterday, after a nap. Had another intense dream involving superpowers, cyborgs, chainguns, telekenisis, a factory, clandestine video arcades and the comic strip Mutts. I was shocked awake by a phone call. But not completely awake, apparently.

My dreams are kick-ass, but I wouldn't wish them on anyone who wasn't me. I don't think they'd be able to handle the randomness of them.

"Xgirlfriend, you say?" you ask me. Yes. My xgirlfriend. I've been single for over 2 years now. And she still shows up at random in my dreams. That's irritating.

Why have I been single for 2 years? Buncha reasons, really. Buncha reasons I don't entirely understand. Part of it is my hatred of my fellow man, part of it is my massive inabilty to trust anyone, part of it is my own self-hatred, part of it is the fact that I live in a small town and can't find anyone with my interests, part of it is moodiness, part of it is my lack of socialization, part of it is the fact that my will to survive is stronger than my will to live, part of it is lack of trying, and part of it is that I seem to have lost interest.

I could probably date, I just don't want to. Don't care. Had a girlfriend, and it didn't take. Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't. But, the point is, I laugh at that commercial for the genital warts drug.

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