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Tuesday, February 05, 2002
Jeez La-Weez! Looks Like I was bitter for awhile there. Oh, yeah. That's because I decided to see how I would feel without the meds, to see if any permanent changes had taken place. Nope. The anger just gets amped up.

I'm not particularly pissed about anything today. But I did see a show about the brain on PBS tonight.

"We aren't thinking machines that feel -- we're feeling machines that think." -- Interesting quotation from somebody.

The show started off with a test subject named Marvin. He'd suffered a stroke years ago, and was now incapable of feeling emotions. He still had emotions, he just couldn't feel them. According to the show, emotions start off in the brain. The emotions are fed down into the body. The body gives feedback: "OK, running engaged" or "Affirmative, we have wood" or "Punch in motion" or whatever. The feedback is processed into a particular region of the brain. In Marvin, that region of the brain is dead. The signals are relayed from the body into nothing. So, he can't tell you if he's feeling happy or angry or anything. He doesn't remember emotions attached to memories. He'll smile or laugh, but he can't feel any emotions. Nor can he feel empathy. That's gotta suck.

Later on in the show, they showed brain maps for emotions -- the regions of the brain associated with particular emotions. I noticed that the regions for sadness were larger than the regions for hapiness. Looks like Utiliarianism is wrong on that count. Take that, school of philosophy!

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