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Sunday, February 24, 2002
Charles M. (Chuck) Jones passed away. I expect a retrospective on Cartoon Network shortly.
Jones was a genius.

While I am a bigger fan of Bob McKimson and Bob Clampett, there is no denying that Jones was instrumental in making Termite Terrace what it was.

While McKimson and Clampett were responsible for some of the wackiest (Tex Avery exluded) cartoons ever to grace the screen, Jones was able to elevate the medium to an art form without being bogged down by cutsey animals.

I consider his finest work to be"The Dot and The Line". I'm fairly certain that he made it during his MGM years.

It's the story of a line who is in love with a dot. But, the dot is in love with a squiggle. The squiggle is free, baby, free! He doesn't care about rules, man. The line, however, is straight and rigid. Until, one night, he learns how to make... an ANGLE! He then practices and learns how to make intricate geometric shapes, and thus wows the dot. Funny how she never noticed how the squiggle was just sort of messy, and picked his ear.

The narration was done by Roddy McDowell, and most of the animation took place in front of a pure white background. The line and squiggle were blue, and the dot was red. Minimalism done right.

Bless you, Mr. Jones.

You may have seen this on I'm the same author. To paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, "If you can't plagarize yourself, who can you plagarize?"

Comments by: YACCS