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Monday, January 28, 2002
Blah blah blah.

Been awhile since I last posted. Hopefully my little play didn't offend anyone, but, let's see how you react when you get 6 COPIES OF THE SAME SPAM IN ONE DAY. Methinks you'd react rationally. Unlike me, who commits the most evil things in his head to the world wide web.

Some tips for those of you who aren't as hep to the net as others
1. If an email says it isn't spam, it is spam.
2. If you don't remember signing up for a mailing list, but you get mail from it, it is spam.
3. If you didn't solicit the message, it is spam.
4. If it has something for you to click to unsubscribe, don't click it. It won't unsubscribe you.
5. If it has anything about asian girls, incest, mortgages, diplomas, large penii, college girls, etc, etc, etc, it is spam.

So, the 'detainees' at Camp X-Ray. I bet you're all burning to know what I think about that. Well, here it is: If they ain't POW's, then Geneva Convention rules don't apply to them. We have no obligation to treat them humanely. We probably should, but we don't have to. I've already stated earlier that I believe in human dignity and respect, not human rights.

The John Walker situation is a bit more confusing. 'Conspiring to kill Americans'... Hmmm... shouldn't every murderer be charged with that as well, on top of their obvious crimes? Well, perhaps not conspiring, but certainly 'Plotting to kill Americans'. Does this law apply only to Americans, or people anywhere in the world who are plotting to do so?

If it weren't for the obvious, I'd say that this was a clever ruse to draw attention away from Enrongate. At least it's apparent that a Republican is in the White House. Republicans have fiscal and military scandals. Democrats have sex scandals.

As much as I like the idea of a lassaiz-faire capitalist economy, this Enron thing is just a clusterfuck. As much as I'd like to see a return to Hearst-style journalism and capitalism, deep down I know that it's evil. Capitalism is evil. Maybe even moreso than Marketing. But, Politics is the greatest evil of all. Registered Libertarian that I am, I still think that Ayn Rand was a heartless bitch. There's no god, there's no devil, there's only me. I am the only person that matters in the world. You exist, but you don't matter. If I kill you on my way up to the top, well, too bad, Earl. You were in my way. A is A, motherfucker. A is goddamned A. No compromises, beeyatch. My way or the highway. Fucking cripples. Don't get any help from me. Claw your way to the top, asswipe. Ein Reich, Ein Weldt, Ayn Rand.

Don't get me wrong, Mr. Ashcroft. I dig America. I just think that most of what makes America work is evil.

Comments by: YACCS