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Monday, December 10, 2001
A new title, and a new contest for the No-Prize! (Much love to Stan Lee. Excelsior!)

The last winner was Preacherman, with a little help from a friend of his. Of course, the previous title was "Mr. Xcitement", a song by They Might Be Giants, off of their latest album Mink Car. So, if Preacherman wants to share, it's his right to do so. After all, there's plenty of No-Prize (Excelsior!) to go around.

The new title is a line from yet another song, but one by a band perhaps even more obscure than They. (Are bands singular or plural? I mean, with some bands it just makes more sense to the ear to refer to it as plural, i.e. 'The Beatles are a good band.' But, what about bands like T-Rex?)

It's a dumb game, but, dammit, it's mine! And Stan Lee's. I'll give the man his props. If I don't, he might have The Hulk or The Thing whup up on my non-superpowered ass.

This is basically an E/N site, but I hope that it is a little more than that. I hope that I'm able to turn you on to some stuff that you might not have dug previously. Or, perhaps it's a bright spot in your day. Or your daily downer. Or, may just make you glad that you're not 24. Or not. Whatever. Feedback is cool.

Done now. Love and mercy. Stay rad.

Comments by: YACCS