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Monday, December 03, 2001
Looks like I'm the first to say this, but, here goes: Israel, FUCK YOU.

Is THIS how you make peace? By bombing the hell out of your occupied territories? By tearing up Gaza runways? Way to go, jerkasses. I don't think that Israel wants peace at all. They want genocide. Israel wants to kill Palestinians like they were Jews in Germany under Hitler.

The way I see it, the only way to secure peace in Israel is to either a) refer to the 'crisis' as the 'culture' and just don't do a damn thing. No one else over there seems to. Just wait until one side kills the other, and then you'll have your fucking peace. Or, b) cut off ALL foreign aid to Israel the next time anything explodes over there. No matter who did it -- Palestinian, Hamas, Israeli, Christian, Scientologist, who fucking cares. Any act of violence and/or terrorism -- no more money for Israel.

Know what? Killing doesn't get you into heaven. Ever. I don't care which god told you to kill those people -- he told me to kill you. Which one of us is right? Whose god has the bigger dick? If your god told you to kill people by exploding yourself at a discotheque, well, your god is a dirty liar. If your god told you that you deserved some land someplace, know what? He was kidding! I don't care if your god told you that killing everyone in a particular region would make the land yours (Numbers 33:51-53) once -- IT WASN'T A PERPETUAL MANDATE! If you didn't do it good enough the first time, then give the hell up!

Yeah, you were shat upon during WWII, and throughout most of recorded history. It doesn't give you the right to practice genocide in your own 'homeland'. I don't care if Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson is on your side -- they're evil.

Fuck it. I don't care. I have no sympathy for Israel anymore. It doesn't matter a bit to Israel, but, dammit -- if you wanted peace, you could have had peace. But, some jackass assassinated Rabin, so I guess you didn't want it that bad.

What? Oh, the assassin was an extremist? Guess what? SO WERE THE LATEST SUICIDE BOMBERS! Why would Arafat send suicide bombers? Seriously. Fuckheads.

Comments by: YACCS