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Tuesday, December 11, 2001
Dang -- that was quick! The latest No-Prize (Excelsior!) winner is Mr. Nosuch! Not only did he nail the song I was quoting ("Knowledge" by Operation Ivy), he had 2 other songs along with it! Wowie-zowie! Now, technically, a No-Prize (Excelsior!) is just that -- no prize. But, he asked if he could have a link on my site. So, through the majick of Blogger, and my own skillz in HTML, he has it. Conga-Rats, Mr. Nosuch!

Had some more wack dreams lately. Wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it go!

1) This dream was more like a movie -- I don't recall actually being in it. But, when it stars George Clooney and John Goodman, am I really gonna be missed all that much? Anyway, Messrs. Goodman and Clooney were ne'er-do-wells, I think. Anyway, regardless of their occupation, or lack thereof, they had a bunch of corpses that they had to get rid of. I'm talking like 15-20 dead bodies that they had for some reason. So, they started by hiding the bodies in a barn/warehouse/hostel. But, you can't just keep bodies there. Goodman was mad at Clooney, because Clooney claimed to have a plan, but never said what it was. Tensions were running high, until one day when Clooney left in a blimp with the bodies. Years later, the dream finds Goodman (and a dog) outside a hospital/apartment complex/motel during the dedication of the new Cancer Research Wing, funded in part by George Clooney in memory of his wife. Goodman noticed that the dog didn't bark when he was around the new Wing, and figured that Clooney must have buried the bodies in the basement. THE END.

2) This dream is fresh from this morning! OK -- I'm at a 'locale' that I haven't been to for awhile, but remember being there at least once before: 'College'. It has no bearing on any real college I've been to or attended, it's just a college. There's a lake and stuff. Anyhow, a bunch of my friends and I have to do a research paper. But, the sources that we need are in the Special Library that We Aren't Allowed Into. The doors have magnetic card readers and we just have to wait until someone else goes in, and then we can sneak in behind them. I don't remember what I was supposed to be researching, but I wind up distracted by trying to find stuff about Jeffrey Dahmer for some reason. At some point, I also watched a Sci-Fi movie that involved a spaceship crashing into the rings of Saturn, which would disrupt the Solar System's gravity well or something. Near the end of the dream, it was revealed to me that I had a cat named Frosty. He was grey and cute and fuzzy. He was apparently a badass, too. One kid lived in fear of Frosty, becuase Frosty killed kittens in the neighborhood. THE END.

Anyone wanna take a stab at interpreting those? I think they're entertaining, but, then again, I'm biased.

Recently read Queen of Angles and /(Slant) by Greg Bear. Very interesting ideas about psychology in those books, especially his concept of the 'Country of the Mind'. Check them out. It's like Gibson-style cyberpunk, but less esoteric.

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