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Sunday, November 25, 2001
Sweet merciful crap! It's been a long-ass time since I've posted!


In which an 'inter-active' portion of the website is displayed

thereby making this blog a more 'rewarding' experience for all involved

Dramatis Personae:
Fantastic Reader -- That's YOU! Someone thinks you're FANTASTIC! Don't you feel GREAT now?
RawkStah -- That's ME! Say the name out loud. But don't say it 3 times -- that's how you summon me to the OTHER SIDE! Just like Beetlejuice!
Random Reader -- Someone who just popped in from nowhere. A mystery. Could be an enemy, could be a friend we haven't met yet.

Scene: Guess what? YOU GET TO DECIDE IT! I KNOW you'll do great, because you're FANTASTIC!

Fantastic Reader: Hmmm... I'm awfully bored. The St. Twinning's Day celebration doesn't begin for a few hours. I think I'll surf on the 'inter-net' and see what that strong champion RawkStah has been up to lately.
*sounds of a modem logging on, unless you have DSL or other broadband, in which case, just imagine that you're typing in a URL into the browser of your choice*
*FR enters the INTER-NET, a vast, shadowy netherworld full of echoes of the future.*
FR: Hello? RawkStah? Are you here?
RawkStah: Yes, of course I'm here. I've always been here.
FR: It looks like you've been out for awhile. Everything is cobwebby and *achoo* dusty.
RS: Well, that's because I haven't felt like making everything new recently. But, it doesn't mean that I haven't been here.
FR: I wish you were here more often. I like spending time with you.
RS: You don't have to wish. I'm always with you. Right here. *RawkStah's finger lights up, and touches you on your heart*
Random Reader: WTF? I'm outta here. I wasn't expecting gay fag stuff from gay fags. Fuck. ur a bunch of goat fucking fags u queers. i hope that teh police find u and take u to jail.
*A single tear rolls down RawkStah's cheek*
FR: Don't worry, RawkStah. I know that your page is 1337. It r0x0r2.

So, what's new? As always, not a whole lot.

The other night, went to a bar to see a band called Tabala Rasa. Not a bad band. Ostensibly, the goal of the night was to raise awareness of Amnesty International, and to raise awareness of Tibet. Now, I don't know how my drinking beer was going to help free Tibet, but, dammit, if the Dali Lama couldn't, I was gonna try. I showed fantastic restraint, and didn't corner anyone and explain how human rights don't exist, so I was pretty proud of myself.

My thoughts on Human Rights
They don't exist. A 'right' is something that is guaranteed to you. No guarantees are granted to you by the fact that you are a homo sapien. Take 'freedom of speech' for example. Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for freedom of speech. It's damn hell ass cool. For cultures (and the people within those cultures) that are individual-oriented. Not for cultures that are group- and/or family-oriented. Freedom of speech in those cultures is a bad thing, because it divides the group and creates conflict. So, how is freedom of speech a human right? Is an individual more important than the group? 'Human rights' is clearly a Western construct. I'm not sure how people can hate 'cultural imperialism' and support human rights. Personally, I believe in treating people like people. Everybody be cool with each other.
End of My thoughts on Human Rights

And, I talked to a girl! A GIRL! A GIRL! And she didn't run away or anything! I didn't get a number or anything, but she had a nametag. And, my bartender buddy Warren works with her at one of his other 5 jobs, and gave my info to her. WOO-HOO!

Apart from that, nothing major. Thanksgiving came and went. Ate at my boss's house, along with the station's news director. Not a bad deal.

That's it for now. Send me my props.

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