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Sunday, October 14, 2001
So -- what's with that title? Wanna grow up to be a Debaser? WTF?

For those of you who are hip, you'll know that it is a line from the Pixies song 'Debaser'. For those of you who are more hip, you'll know that the song was inspired by the Dali/Bunel film 'The Andalousian Dog'. For those of you who are hip to what is in my head, 'Debaser' is a film I hope, someday, to make.

Whenever I'm exceptionally bummed, I think, "Yeah. Someday I'll show those fuckers," and I'll think about my movie. 'Debaser' is meant to make people feel bad about seeing it. It will make you feel dirty inside. It will make you sad. It will make you angry. It will make you laugh.

Part of the inspiration is from Brecht's concept behind 'Mother Night' -- make the main character so vile, so purile, so contemptible that the audience will leave the play before it is done. Make the audience so fucking angry that they leave to make the world better. I want 'Debaser' to do that -- I want it to punish the world for allowing a film like 'Debaser' to be made. I want to punish the world for being such a clusterfuck that 'Debaser' was needed.

Then, I realize that I'm full of shit, but, man, it's fun shit.

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