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Saturday, October 13, 2001
So, after my rant on hedonism and the wrongness thereof, I started reading "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test". I have no problems whatsoever with the beats. The beats were a movement; they had a goal. They weren't doing it for the fun of it, they were trying to go furthur.

The beats had a 'culture'. The beats produced music, and literature, and art all sizes. Some of it was good, probably most of it was crap, but, there it is, man. Drugs were used and abused. People were used and abused. But it all had some sort of higher purpose. The higher purpose wasn't ever attained, and eventually the hippies emerged, but, for a while, man, it was luminous.

It looked hedonistic, yeah, but that's only to squares. Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure for the sake of pleasure. Beats were pusuing things to pursue them. To just get up and go, man, go and no stopping til we get there because i have a feeling that the answers are just around this next curve, this next bend, the next crest of the hill, just this side of the ocean crasssshhhhh crasssshhhhh boomboomboom those waves man the rhythm of your heart of my heart of god's heart pulsing life and when we find out all of that and when we sync our pulse to the pulse of god or allah or buddah or the universe, man, that's when we'll know. We'll know That eternal .it. that can't be put into words, but you know it's there because you can feel it just behind your eyes right before you go to sleep when you start hearing symphonies that you haven't written yet when you hear the TRUTH and it jerks you awake and away, but when we're in tune we'll remember .it. and know .it. and we'll be golden.

For hedonism, a moment is temporal, ya gotta grab it while you can you're only young once gotta sow those wild oats, while for a beat the moment is a beat eternal every moment every movement every thing new and you gotta just sit back and let it flow over you and in you and through you and out of you because it's all there in the music in the trees in the face of a friend that's where the answers are and you just gotta find a way to tap into the mainline of god. It might be drugs, it might be booze, it might be music, it might be words, it might be sex, it might be meditation, it might be documentation, but, man, find that way that works for you and share what you know but mostly just GO!

Comments by: YACCS