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Thursday, October 25, 2001
*reading previous post*
.....hmmm.... yeah... ok... oh...o...!!!.... hmmmm....

Know who had bitterness and rage sneak up while he was blogging last night? Yup, that's right. It was me. It just happens sometimes. I'll be sitting around, ladida, and then all of a sudden, POW! It's all GRRR! THINGS BAD! GRRR! MUST USE CURSE WORDS AND EXAGGERATE! GRRR! MUST MAKE WORLD FEEL AS DIRTY AS ME! And then it goes away.

A Stupid Play

Dramatis Personae:
Wilby -- a guy
Lamar Alexander #2 -- another guy who's name was flagrantly stolen from a SNL sketch

Setting: Ummmm..... a scorched earth sci-fi place. Like in The Road Warrior.

LA2 is already on stage. Center. Wearing an old-timey suit and a bowler hat. He is standing, leaning against a cane, and reading... ummm... Starlog Magazine.

Enter Wilby, dressed as a foppish dandy.

W: Well, Hell-oooo!
L: .....
W: I said: Hell-oooo!
L: I am reading a magazine.
W: Yes, I can see that, but, I did say Hell-oooo!
L: ....
(Wilby looks at the magazine)
W: A fan of the olde science fictions, are you?
L: For the purposes of this play, yes. I am.
W: I saw the shit out of Forbidden Planet.
L: *ahem*
W: Yes?
L: Just clearing my throat. Look, do you mind? I'm trying to read, and I'm waiting for a bus.
W: ....
W: ....
W: ....
W: I have dark powers.
L: What?
W: Dark powers!
(Enter Johnny Cash)J: OK, knock this crap off. I'm sick of it, and I am sick of you. This play is stupid, you two are stupid, and I am the Man in Black. I'll be the one who determines who has dark powers around here, and I know it's not you. So, just leave.

Comments by: YACCS